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Qi Origin Herbal Formula 猛龍神氣丸

1.50 LBS
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Product Description


Grandmaster Tu's herbal formula!


After rigorous adjustments and trials for safety and manufacturing standards, Grandmaster Tu proudly presents the Qi Origin Pill formula! For anyone looking to strengthen their immune system or have tendency of being fatigued. This formula is also beneficial for people who experience stress often. 
It balances the body's Yin and Yang, harmonizes and Tonify Qi and Blood.

This formula treats disharmony of the Yin and Yang, nourishes the Kidney and Lung Yin, therefore clears the turbidity of the lungs. Beneficial for clearing 5 center heat and draining fire & cooling blood. Most importantly, it boosts the Origin Qi, which is our Kidney Yang and enables the strengthening of tendons and bones of our body.

Good for people who have Qi and Blood deficiency, which usually correlates to the feeling of listlessness and fatigued/tired. It is a great for boosting the Qi of the body which will assist the immune system. Day to day usage can assist in the balancing of the body's Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang. 

Each bottle consists of 1000 rounded honey herbal pills.

Recognized by Taiwan's GMP.


滋 腎陰,壯元陽

補血滋陰,益腎填精,溫補腎虛 滋陰清肺,補腎,強筋壯骨!
專治 : 腎虛,身體虛弱,四肢倦怠
本方精選道地藥材,絕不含西藥成分 不躁不寒,男女皆宜,素食者可服




19 mg - Shu Di Huang • “Cooked Earth Yellow” • 熟地黃 • COOKED REHMANNIA ROOT / 

19 mg - Dang Gui • “State of Return” • 当归 • CHINESE ANGELICA ROOT

19 mg - Xiao Hui Xiang • “Little Fennel Fragrance” or “Small Return Fragrance” • 小茴香 • FENNEL FRUIT

19 mg - Huang Bai • “Yellow Fir” • 黃柏 • PHELLODENDRON BARK

19 mg - Bai Zhu • “White Atractylis” • 白朮 • WHITE ATRACTYLODES RHIZOME

14 mg - Niu Xi • “Ox Knee” • 牛膝 • ACHYRANTHES ROOT

14 mg - Sheng Di Huang • “Unprepared Earth Yellow” • 生地黃 • REHMANNIA ROOT

14 mg - Tian Men Dong • “Heavenly Gate Winter” • 天门冬 • ASPARAGUS TUBER

14 mg - Mai Men Dong • “Luxuriant Winter” or “Grain Door Winter” • 麦门冬 • OPHIOPOGON TUBER

14 mg - Du Zhong • “Prevent Middle Brother-Mediator” • 杜仲 • EUCOMMIA BARK

7 mg - Wu Wei Zi • “Five-Flavored Seed” • 五味子 • SCHISANDRA FRUIT

7 mg - Gou Qi Zi • “Aspen Medlar Seed” • 枸杞子 • LYCIUM FRUIT / MATRIMONY VINE / CHINESE WOLFBERRY

2 mg - Chen Pi • “Aged Peel” or “Mandarin Orange” • 陈皮 • AGED TANGERINE PEEL

2 mg -Gan Jiang • “Dried Ginger” • 干姜 • DRIED GINGER RHIZOME 

19 mg - Ce Bai Ye • “Lateral/Slanted Fir Leaves” • 側柏葉 • ORIENTAL ARBORVITAE LEAFY TWIG

98 mg - honey




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