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九九鐵襠功 強腎健康組合 ( 訓練 + 束而鋼 ) 大優惠! Iron Crotch Package

3.00 LBS
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Product Description

What is included:

  • Iron Crotch Instructional DVD 陰吊功教學帶
  • Training Silk 吊功專用絲巾
  • Training Hook 吊勾
  • Energy Band 束而鋼  

Iron Crotch Instructional DVD: You've heard the stories, now experience the reality! Iron Crotch is the most talked about ancient Chinese practice! Called Jiu Jiu Shen Gong (99 Power Practice) this ancient skill unleashes your untapped potential and allows you to achieve your peak performance! Grandmaster Tu's students have lifted hundreds of pounds with their privates, even students in their 70s! Dramatically enhances your potency and helps with sexual response dysfunction or lack of interest in sex. Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng is a noted master of Qigong and Chinese medicine. He is recognized as a Professor in medical societies in Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the U.S.A. He is also a master painter and is renowned for his extraordinary feats of hard Kung Fu, such as breaking solid objects with his bare hands and lifting heavy weights with his private parts. (approx. 60 min) Disclaimer: This Iron Crotch video is for demonstration & the basic teachings of Iron Crotch purposes only. One should not attempt greater feats than the exercises taught in the instructional DVD, one should only do so under the supervision of a certified master of Jiu Jiu Shen Gong. 99eStore disclaims all liability from the use of this DVD/videotape.

***Grandmaster Tu's recommendation: If you want to achieve better result with Iron Crotch, without the tapping stick (Long Life Health Bar) one cannot improve and see their peak results. All of Grandmaster Tu's student learning Iron Crotch are also required to learn to use the Long Life Health Bar. Actual CD Cover image is different from the one displayed above. Actual Silk Color may vary.

Grandmaster Tu's newest invention for Iron Crotch Training. The magnetic energy in the stones will boost Qi while regulating and circulating the blood. The majority of men lack circulation in the area, which causes most of genital and reproduction problems. With this Energy Band, alongside Iron Crotch training, Qi and health of the body will improve* This band is to be used on the male testicles.. *Please note that Iron Crotch Training will not cure every disease.


九九洗髓神功再生醫學發現;雄性動物睪丸中蘊藏胚胎幹細胞,胚胎幹細胞是人體200多種器官發育的原細胞,與基因修補及人體老化及嚴重疾病有密切之關係.運動男性睪丸抗衰、抗病.涂老師公開正確的, 睪丸運動、回春健康要訣.簡單易學、不浪費時間、空間.最有效的男性健康運動.

「束而鋼」又稱 『金罡環』 男人至寶。『金罡環』八珠七粒磁力連還珠,男士-「束而鋼」,女性「生命之花」幫您轉動生命之光。護住你的生殖系統,在疲勞的時候,只要幾分鐘束住你的寶囊,比吃補還有效。『金罡環』順逆轉動磁場螺旋,找到您回春之路。此產品為涂金盛老師的獨門首創,能活化海綿體,強化硬度,不行或..隨時可束帶。數量有限請把握。

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